I have been back for 2 days! Please let me sort out the near 800 pix from 4 cameras before I do a post on the trip.

Meanwhile, here’s some goodies from 小妹 过大礼 day.

vegetarian traditional pastries (喜饼) from kwan im vegetarian restaurant
orange – not sure of the paste but tasted like longan paste
pink – lotus paste
yellow – green tea paste
brown – red bean paste
wasn’t that sweet like some pastries which was good. of the 4 taste, still the original taste better.

something for the bachelorettes nite?


MRT stations on track to have screen doors on all platforms by 2012

I’m glad they had decided to do so or should have been considering doing so ever since the suicides/accidents occured since 1991.
Source: Straits Times 3 Sep 2004 (H1)

But 150m tall screen doors oso mean hot and humid waitings at the platform. So do you think they will install fans after this?

Height around this or slightly higher should be good enough I supposed … cos should anyone started to climb over, he/she should be easily spotted.

And though the tactiles were installed to guide the blinds, they were however posing some dangers too cos they can easily cause trip overs, esp when the platforms get narrower where the escalators were. Imagine a path where commuters are on the move, either boarding or unboarding, leaving from or getting onto the platforms, all at the same time during the peak hours.

And esp when we were wearing heels 😦


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