Tambuah Mas @ Paragon + Cake Glace

We were finally here at tambuah mas but were rather disappointed with the overall taste.

tahu telor would taste better with more sauce, if not it simply tasted like a plain beancurd fried with a layer of buttered eggs

ikan nila goreng was totally tasteless, unless it was dipped into the homemade sweet-spicy dark sauce that was served along with

kangkong belacan was so so only. belacan taste seemed to be missing.

ayam goreng istimewa was a little dry and hard to chew though the skin layer was crispy.

soto ayam soup tasted very much like those free small bowl of chicken soup served along with nasi ayam goreng (malay chicken rice) but with stronger taste

sop sayur asam was only a simple bowl of sweet & sour cabbage soup which really tasted nothing special … 妈咪 cooks nicer

Maybe that was supposed to be the taste of an authentic indonesian cuisine? If so then it wasn’t to my liking. And if compared to hse of sundanese, I would prefer the lather … though I’m not too sure of the standard now cos I had them few yrs ago.

Our desserts were however cakes bought by CL from Cake Glace when she was there during lunch hr.


(left) Mont-Blanc (S$5.60) – it was a chestnut cake with paste from france and chestnut from japan. very fluffy and not so sweet like most japanese chestnut paste snacks. whole pc was chestnut could even be found in the cake. yummy! but dunno why it was named same as the famous high-end pen though 😛

(centre) Strawberry Hill (S$5.20) – slices of strawberry and custard cream in all layers which made the sponge cake very soft and ‘mouthful’.

(right) Strawberry Soufflé (S$5.30) – strawberry tasted stronger than strawberry hill. tanginess taste on the soft cheesecake.

U can imagine how full I was by the time I finished my share … even though I was on diet 😛

We spotted a recital going on at civic plaza. Very grand somemore. On a further look, it was a 3-days “Thanksgiving & Sutra Chanting Religious Event” from NAC by Spore Seu Teck Sean Tong Yiang Sin Sia. And we happened to chance on the 1st day’s recital.

“… staged on an altar decorated with very elaborate gold threaded embroidery worth a million dollars.” whao whao~~

Tambuah Mas @ Paragon + Cake Glace

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