Lunch @ Cedele

Something different from usual hawker meal for a change … sandwiches @ cedele.

We had been to cedele a couple of times, but it was the 1st entry I did on their sandwiches (cos all the other times I din bring my camera along).

sundried tomato chicken (focaccia) sandwich (S$9.80)
my order – I like the mix … the teriyaki-alike grilled chicken with the loaf-alike focaccia. will try with wholemeal next time.

chicken tofu burger (focaccia) sandwich (S$7.00)
BS’ order – grilled chicken too but mashed meat instead.
I took this before which tasted rather on the dry side … breast meat I supposed.

fish tomato pesto (wholemeal) sandwich (S$10.80)
长先生 and F’s orders – looks kinda delicious too 😛

apple nut orange salad (S$6.50)
SC’s order – dietary meal but way too ex for such simple and small servings … she regretted too …

clam chowder & lemon tea (S$6.50)
my extra order – lukewarm soup though clams were obvious. but still ‘tastier’ than that bowl of mushroom soup I took yst (-_-“)

I was extremely full than usual. Best part was … I was the one suggesting this place, thinking of eating ‘healthier’ = dietary … wrong move though 😛

Lunch @ Cedele

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