幸福就是。。。小姐 day 之莱佛士坊半日游

Finally the 1st Tai Tai day with BS and SK … oops no … should be 小姐 day, cos someone preferred not to be known as ‘Tai Tai’.

Aiya … ‘Tai Tai’ is just a term I like to use for enjoying an relaxing afternoon eating and shopping away with no time constraint, just like most ‘Tai Tai’ did, while others are working their life away on a working day. BS and SK rarely took half a day off for such ‘luxury’. We need to pamper ourselves sometimes 😀

To say it was a “小姐 day”, it would sounds more suitable as “莱佛士坊半日游” (half day tour @ raffles place) instead.

It all started off with our lunch @ golden shoe carpark. We had 2 choices actually. BS came to know about Greek Terminal Cafe from some programme while SK caught the recommendation on My Blood Type Restaurant from news article(?) These 2 restaurants were located just opp each other. We ended up at My Blood Type Restaurant instead.

We were first greeted with a corner selling health products before we came to the semi-fine dining area. We were asked of our blood type when we sat down, afterwhich 2 different menus were placed infront of us. BS and SK are type ‘O’, while I’m type ‘A’.

Something interesting with their menu was, how much calories, protein, carbo and fat were clearly stated for all dishes. SK laughed that there wasn’t anything she can eat then. But the main priority for both BS and I was … will the dishes be yummy? =P

Going thru the set menu, it was oblivious that there were more choices for type ‘O’ than type ‘A’. Maybe becos the lady boss of the restaurant is type ‘O’ ^_*

It was until then that I knew that it’s better for type ‘A’ to intake white meat instead of red meat. Aiyo! I have been taking red meat more than white meat all the while leh. But will it helps in my slimming plan har? ^_*

I had finally decided on the pan seared red snapper with grilled zucchini and king oyster set (S$25) but was then told that the snapper was out of stock that day and so replaced it with salmon instead. So my fav. oyster is oso suitable for my type \(^ o ^)/

One taste of it we would know it was a healthy bread. It was between bland but light sweetening that came from the spread. Spelt bread I think. But it was nice as the bread was served warm.

When the bowl of mushroom soup first served to BS, I felt a sense of giddiness. It was the smell from the soup after the last bowl was served to me. I declared that I dun like the soup. I dun meant to waste food but I really cun take the smell and taste of this very thickly blended mushroom soup. The lukewarm pure lemongrass drink din help much in getting rid of the taste in my tastebuds.

Well, maybe it was really saving the best to the last, cos the main courses were so nice that we emptied our plates.

BS’ choice of oxtails stew. The oxtails must have been stewed for a long period cos the meat was very tender. The outlook of the dish was very nicely ‘decorated’ too, esp the nicely carved carrot … so cute ^___^

My impression of an ‘artistically displayed’ dish was usually expensive but not fillilng. This salmon dish however proven me wrong. The mushroom was very juicy, esp when it was topped with slight tangy taste from the shredded semi-riped mango(?) The pan seared salmon which was topped with tapioca chips was good. It was fresh and was very filling too.

The feeling was great as we chatted with no time constraint on such an afternoon at such a bz business district area. After browsing around golden shoe, we set off to far east sq to try on the famous teh tarik at Mr Teh Tarik Cartel which we passed by earlier on.

Our first thought was … hk famous stockling tea alike. Ok … not as we never drank teh tarik before 😛 But as compared to the daily different quality teh si I drank every morning, this was very much to my liking. The teh was smooth and not sweet nor bland. How I wish I can have such every morning instead. Anyway I guess we were too crazy to drink hot teh under such a warm place (aircon dun seems to work), chatting away sweatily … hahaha …

Just as we moved on towards the republic plaza, we spotted a temple … or rather I was fascinated by the rooftop sculptures that I suggested taking a look at this temple.

Since we were on this topic. Here’s some pix taken as we came by Thian Hock Keng Temple 天福宫 earlier on. Coincidently, 小妹 and I watched an anime on the Legend of Mazu just few days ago on starhub ch 62, of which we teared towards the end when Moniang (Mazu’s mortal name) died of exhaustion after using all her might to brighten up the lit lantern inorder for her father and fellow fishermen to find their way home from the rough sea.

Like I told them, I had always like anything that has to do with heritage. Esp such old architectures amid the modernised buildings.

It was near to 5pm and so we decided to travel down to raffles city before the peak hour came. Time for me to go in search for dress to be worn on 小妹’s wedding day. But I din get any : (

Our “莱佛士坊半日游” officially ended as I proceeded on for dinner @ xin wang with another couple of friends, Cat and MZ. This time round I din order any extra … I meant drink or dessert or snack, but just purely my fav. stir fried pork rib bee hoon 😀

stir-fried pork rib bee hoon (S$7.90) – still as nice but I would prefer more fatty meat.
I was totally full after this meal … hahaha …

borsch soup (S$2.90) – very flavoury taste

stir-fried seafood hor fun (S$9.80) – hey! this was as good as my pork rib bee hoon.
and together with mine, the serving was actually big enough for 3 to share.

chicken congee (S$6.90) – I din try on this cos it was way too … hmm … uninteresting 😛

Our reason for choosing xin wang for our dinner tonite was simply becos of this $15 discount which Cat was given to spend in the same mth (last day liao) of her bd when she applied for their member card.

We would have left for hm early if not for MZ who was ‘stucked’ in a boutique trying on pants for near 40mins and ended up buying 1 pair @_@

Did I mentioned before I was scared when she asked when can we go hk together? **怕怕**

Anyway, we decided, will plan for another 小姐 day someday in june again. Come to think of it, maybe we can make it a quarterly one. Anyway they have more leave days than me :-\ They have 2007 leaves to clear u see O_O

幸福就是。。。小姐 day 之莱佛士坊半日游

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