The Perfection

I’m a perfectionist actually 😛

There were 2 main events that occured in Nov but due to the huge file sizes from professional SLR cameras and the delay in obtaining the full set, it took me quite some times to sort the mass photos out … in sequences. Ya! When it comes to photographs sorting, I becomes a perfectionist 😀

Ok, so much about “me being a perfectionist” … let me present the 2 belated posts:

1) 小王子 1st Birthday Party!!!!
2) RC Event : Sushi Making Demo Class


23 Nov 08

小王子 1st Birthday Party!!!!

We went to 大妹’s place 1-2 hrs before the party time … to help … babysit.

Coincidently, the number on this long-searching family tee showed “23” … his birthdate. They bought them from bossini in HK which they din realise the significant of the no. until they returned back home. We later realised that “23” appeared frequently in some famous brands tee too ^_*

***side tracking***

***back on track***

We stayed thru-out the whole party and even after everyone left cos we again need to babysit when they clean up the place.


25 Nov 08

RC event : Sushi Making Demo Class

Hmm…let me think…the 1st and last time I had my hands on making sushi was around 11yr+ ago … at ST’s old hse in geylang. With no proper training, the few of us made many sushi … 玩瓣家家酒嘛 =P

This time round was a proper training/demo given by a typical japanese woman, wife of a jap boss.

So much fun in the class, but though we were hungry when we started making them, we were mentally ‘full’ after the class.

I packed them all and shared with my family. 妈咪 said those I made were taster than those selling outside (=^___^=”)

天时地利人和 la 😛

The Perfection

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