Vigilant or Selfish?

“pls be more vigilant to ur surrounding ; why should I be ‘punish’ for being vigilant myself 😦 ; the world is upside down …” was the tagline on my msn after lunch.

Dun blame me for being selfish by not offering my brolly initially. I just want everyone to understand the importancy for not carrying a brolly knowing how unpredictable the weather was recently, esp during lunch hr, and even disregarded my numerous advise to do so. Moreover it’s merely 1hr for lunch.

Even though so, why do I feel punished?

11ppl went out for lunch together with only 1 carrying a brolly … so wat do u want me to do? 一起共患难 and drench together? or sick together?

I am all prepared to accept ‘retribution’ should one day I forgotten my brolly while some others have it. Cos … not only the world is round, it is upside down too.

no choice … my brolly is that small … enough to shelter me though

the rest of us decided to make faster moves when the rain gets smaller … 苦中作乐 we …

And btw, I was all yellow today 😀

… actually my belt too, but hidden =P

Special mention on my comfy yellow printed shoes. Bought it from jonker st in melaka for RM13.90. Cheap deal. However if u take a closer look, it was “made in thailand”. So I guess it would be sooooo much cheaper there. But how come I didn’t spot any when I was there?

Vigilant or Selfish?

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