The Patissier Cake

A new agent came to promote their service and bought us this yst …

Strawberry Shortcake
“chantilly cream and strawberry on chiffon sponge on a sugar dough base”

The mixture of slight sweetening and sourish taste from the strawberry, with fresh cream added on, plus the fluffiness of the cake … perfect!

S$38.52 for 500g … generous indeed though co-operation is uncertain.

this is the outcome of each slice when a 500g of cake to be shared by ………….. 16 ppl @_@

I had a hard time cutting up the base of the cake. Just when I thought it might just be a hard board below, after ‘removing’ all the slices, I lifted the “hard board” up only to realise it was a biscuit base. Best part was, it was so yummy. I missed out the “… sugar dough base” in the description. =P

But cun really blame me cos I even need to use both hands to break this hard pc into smaller pcs. Luckily I din throw it away 😀

The Patissier Cake

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