This Week

My melaka aunts and uncle were here for a 5D4N stay since tues.

As it hit my working days and they taking 1.30pm coach back today, 爹地 became the main ‘tour guide’ during their stay, with 妈咪 亲情客串 on thurs and fri.

小妹 returned to chat (kpo-ing) with them for the first 2 nites. While the rest (including me) had a proper dinner gathering at the kopitiam near 大妹’s place on thurs.

We were told that the kopitiam served good zhe char but was totally disappointed with the standard that day.

麦片虾 (cereal prawns) not crispy enough, 乳猪角 (braised pork knuckles) too starchy and bland, 小芥兰 (baby kai lan) rather bitter and raw, 广东蒸鱼 (cantonese steam fish) too fishy, 虾酱鸡 (prawn paste chicken wings) still quite ok, 肉碎豆腐 (braised tou fu) better of the lot.

Even the teh bing (iced tea with milk) failed. Taste more like raw tea with ice.

Like the younger melaka-ians, these older generation ones had their greatest walk since dunno how many donkey years. Already warned them of the possible frequent walk, but ema still gena blisters from her covered shoes … o-oh!

After a change of shoes, they managed to ‘conquer’ chinatown and cityhall the following day.

But most of the extra walking was due to the wrong alighting of bus stops … guided by 爹地 😛

During their stay, ah yee ‘fed’ me with many interesting eating places in mlk for my coming trip. But unless I planned to stay longer, I may not be able to cover that much over the 3D2N stay coming apr.

But one thing for sure … I need a pair of walkable shoes for the trip.

This Week

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