Shokudo Japanese Coffee House @ Bugis

Cat had been very down recently. And I had been disheartened by many things around me, regardless of work or personal. The 2 unhappy ones decided to meet up 一吐口水.

We had wanted to go for the MOF, but was stunned by the queue. Never had I ever encountered such long queue during my previous trips. Most probably becos I had always arrived earlier then. It was 7+ when I first reached, and literally every restaurants were having long queues. We decided to choose the shorter and faster-moving queue at Shokudo after some recce around.

shokudo caesar salad (S$8.80)
just a common dish

shokudo chicken chop (S$14.80)
my order – thumbs up for this. tendering breaded chicken chop with wasabi mayo spreaded on top … i love the mixed taste.
the hokkaido corns were big and sweet too. but I dun like the salad serving cos they tasted bitter.

salmon butter ikura (S$15.80)
Cat’s order which I din try. she gobbled down the food so I guess it should be nice …
but she din take the salmon roe and so it all went into my mouth … hehehe …

unagi mushroom cheese (S$12.80)
unlike italian style thicker and puffier breadbase, this was thin and cripsy like a well-oven-ed naan.
the mushroom might be on a dry taste side, but overall with the unagi and cheese (is there?), it tasted ok to me,
though Cat rejected the whole pizza in her 1st bite and subsequently took them without the unagi and mushroom.

japanese mango yoghurt (S$6.80)
I love it since my 1st trip here. so it’s yogurt 😛

iced lychee float (S$5.80)
our neighbouring table ordered this which tempted Cat and so she cfm her order after I cfm it’s chilling good.

Maybe there were too many thing to 吐, so much so that we lost track of our time. And by the time we realised it, it was already 10+.

Many things happened recently. Some were too personal to disclose, some were too long a story to disclose. 正所谓,清官难断家务事,家家有本难念的经。。。

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House @ Bugis

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