Tai Tai Day Again!

大妹 called for this Tai Tai Day. And to make it different from our previous Tai Tai Days of just eat and shop, she booked us for pedicure too. Hmm … when was my last? 5 yrs ago?? Anyway I wasn’t as ‘vain’ as them … hahaha …

We had a simple lunch at MOF. Ya, real simple, just 3 different types of noodles soup ordered.

Tonkotsu Ramen (S$9.80)
pork bone base soup not strong enough

Omelete Udon (S$9.80)
taste very much like my very own instant noodle with battered eggs

Miso Spicy Ramen (S$9.80)
quite mild for “spicy

Note that even with the MOF card we presented, these noodles soup were non-discountable, and so the $0.24 discount only fell on the 2 ocha we drank @_@

Chicken & Mushroom Sandwich (S$12.50)
shared – 小妹 dislike this sandwich mainly becos of the mushrooms. it was just common grilled chicken meat sandwiched.

Devil’s Chocolate (S$6.80)
shared – the chocolate … woooo ^____^

Java Arabica (S$8.30)
i had wanted to try the blue mountain coffee, but i changed my mind for a cheaper oriental blue mountain instead 😛 bitter leh …

Litchi Tea Freeze (S$6.80)
小妹’s one – i took this before. lychee is refreshing and sweet, so is their drink.

Mint-Choc Frappe (S$7.90)
大妹’s one – din try

Maybe we were seated right outside, the staffs were rather less attentive. We had to get them to re-check some of our orders few times.

大妹 left the 2 of us to wait for A while she went ahead to fetch 小王子 hm.

We had our dinner at fish & co … ya. just beside tcc =P

Fish & Chips (S$13.90)
nothing special

Sambal Fish (S$19.90)
it wasn’t in such ‘standing’ style few yrs back when I first took it.
I think wat make this set nice was their sambal. I found too many bones in the fish.

Tai Tai Day Again!

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