Halo, Luck, Where R U?

A surprising request from NL for today’s dinner … Indonesian Cuisine. She had been captivated by ayam penyet recently that’s why.

However, despite how much brain-juice was squeezed out, I could only remember sanur and hse of sundanese. And so we decided to meet up at taka’s kino before deciding where for dinner.

She made a search online and saw some reviews of a restaurant-which-she-cun-remember-the-name behind heeren, along cairnhill road. Being the ‘adventurous’ trio … for food only 😛 … we decided to search for it and took the path from park hotel towards cairnhill instead. And there we saw the sign! After passing by the mosque (I din know there’s a mosque under that bldg), we finally reached at the entrance of garuda. Well, it’s really just behind heeren.

We happily took down pix for our blogging purposes but only to realised that the restaurant was fully booked. And the weirdest part was on the sign we saw outside the restaurant, which stated “min. 4 persons”. oh!?

Since we were so near paragon, we decided to head for tambuah mas as suggested by CL. But it was yet another disappointment search. Moved out 😦

So in the end, we sticked back to our usual cuisine at Akashi Japanese Restaurant.

akashi bento set (S$25)

una ju set (S$25)

sukiyaki set (S$18)

Nothing much to comment cos they were all too common. The table given to us was directly under the aircon which made my sukiyaki cooled down very fast. It might be better if it was served with a stove. And that mashed potato alike was actually mashed salmon.

Given the price comparison, a simple set like una ju set cost S$25, u may want to think twice of going there again … seriously …

After our dinner, we took a walk around and redeemed my kose mask too. And while, waiting for them both outside the toilet, I spotted Phyllis Quek … she is 依然娇艳 =P

We soon settled down for desserts at Bakerzin but was rather disappointed with the choco cake and the $1-offer macaron.

ambrosia (S$6.50)
it was hard and the taste was too dry

strawberry shortcake (S$6.50)
this was however better and soft too

macaron (S$1 each)
tasted just like mentos but a softer version 😛 … anyway I dun like …

citrus cool (S$6.20)
NL’s order … I din try …

hazel coffee blend (S$6.80)
this was disappointing too. rough blending. I cun really taste the drink, only full of ice.

I heard they served good desserts and food. Guess we weren’t of luck today 😛

And just as we came down from the escalator, guess wat we saw? Tambuah Mas!!! … oh! so near yet so far … sotongs us 😛

Halo, Luck, Where R U?

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