A Day of Celebrations

We were actually planning to reach around 1 or so at N’s place who was having a bb shower for her son. I was taking the route from the mrt to her hse via my ‘cah’ (leg), while the other 3 northerners were on their way to her hse via C’s car. Coincidentally we met at the turning corner towards the entrance of N’s estate, and so took a free super-short-yet-long ride to the carpark @_@ … ok too cheem? nevermind (^___*)

Anyway we had made our way there ‘together’ 😀

AmG’s BD happened to fall on this date, and with CW’s one in just a few days time, we bought a simple cake to celebrate their bds too.

We would have left early for our 2nd session of the day if not for AY who wanted us to wait for the delivery of her hamper. She was told that delivery time was from 2-5pm. And just as wat I had guessed, the hamper arrived at the last hr @_@

NL and I made our way to another celebration … JT’s bd celebration @ Jin Deli.

Ok according to the search online, they serve MSG-FREE steamboat. True enough! We dun feel thirsty at all after gulping down all the food. And surprisingly, the session-ed table with NL, FY and I, cleared all our food very fast, despite the already-should-be-super-full-liao NL and me after our 2nd round at the buffet table not long before we left for this 2nd session.

How hollow is our gastric? Dunno leh actually … hahaha …

The celebration continued at partyworld @ orchard.

We had wanted to walk over to the place, but realising that it would be impossible to reach there in half an hour time, we took a bus down instead 😀

Despite complaining full, NL and I were snatching for tibits =P

As for me? After entertaining the rest with ABBA Q-ver singings and Barbie Girl song, I felt so tired … *** idiotic smile 😀 ***

It was a crazy crazy nite! \ (^____^) /

A Day of Celebrations

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