Lunch Treat @ Bimi Kaiho

It was a treat from 长先生 again. The list expanded subsequently over the years.

And for someone who had always been treated to the same place numerous times yet dunno the restaurant name, I passed the baton to her for the reservation 😛

they used to own a bigger floor space at peck seah st but had since
moved into this smaller floor space at Int’l plaza more than 4yrs ago

saka-something don 😛

sushi chasoba

tempura don

Their bento sets were considerably cheap. Esp for my sushi chasoba set that consisted of chasoba, salmon sushi, tuna sushi, inari sushi, 2x prawn tempura, brinjal tempura, and chawamushi, and of cos rice. All these for S$15.50. Wat more, they were so freshly good. No wonder this yim jim 长先生 had high ratings for them.

Talking about this 长先生, somehow he has a weird practice … the person who was treating doesn’t need to make any reservation, but I was unconsciously given the ‘duty’ to do so regardless of 😦

When ur life gets twisted, u tend to retaliate … but in a way that it doesn’t hurt u so much ultimately … I meant that for myself.

Cos the world is round …

Lunch Treat @ Bimi Kaiho

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