House of Seafood @ YCK

I felt so much like a tourist in another country … cos for someone who grown up in the west and work in the central, there was really no reason for me to travel down to Yio Chu Kang/Serangoon.

And so … “Welcome Me to Serangoon” I exclaimed as I stepped out of the bus 😛

Finally here I was for a proper crabbie nite.

Service was so-so. As usual, many china nationals waitresses. Not that we are against them and cun welcome foreign ‘talents’ with warmhearted, but I’m just so worried for our own ppl. Are our ppl too proud to accept such job? Or they requested too high a salary to be accepted? In a time like this, shouldn’t they be glad that they could hold a job?

I had no problem going for table under a big tree actually. But it was real dark there and we wun know how ‘clean’ our food could be. Therefore the gals insisted on having the better and emptied table we eyed on when we reached.

Finally the 1st dish came, but no rice was served to us until we requested for it. By the time we had that, we had emptied our 1st dish. It was 8+ then and so hungry u know….

番薯叶 (sweet potato leaves) tasted abit burned … mmm …not nicely done actually. vege was abit hard and not spicy enough.

酥炸虾枣 (deep fried prawn roll) was much better but still on the average side.
but I thought it supposed to look darker? cos all the while wat I ate were something like the ngo hiang 五香 colour.

麦片大虾 (oatmeal prawn) was rather tasteless though bigger prawns were used.

辣椒螃蟹 (chilli crab) was rather sweet than spicy. quite a disappointment.

NL and CL only took the claws part and so the rest were all cleared by PL and me.

排骨王 (braised pork ribs) was sweet and oily. fats more than meat O_O

Despite such disappointment for a seafood hse famous for their crabs, they were still full hse. But we soon realised many tables actually ordered 黑椒螃蟹 (black pepper crab) instead. Maybe that was wat they were famous for. Can give it a try before the final verdict then…

House of Seafood @ YCK

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