One Wakin Live In Spore = Big Karaoke Session

We bought the tix just not long after sandy lam’s concert when I overheard it thru 933 and immediately informed Cat and MZ cos so coincidentally Cat mentioned about going to his concert if he comes to spore.

If I remembered correctly, wakin ever mentioned starting the concert on time. MZ who had no confident of my accurate calculation on the travel time and requested for 15mins earlier meet up time. But who knows, she was late by 15mins. And when Cat knew of our late departing time, she decided to take her own sweet time to the ultimate meet up pt. Well, her miscalculation made us waited for half an hour.

If I were to charge for every min late, I would be a millionaire in no time. Time management pls.

The concert did not start as per said on time though, but instead at 8pm. But never did I attend any concerts that lasted for 4hrs (till 12midnite) and yet the singer still seemed so hyper and appeared without plan of ending it 😀 It was however the audiences who seemed eager to leave 😛 And becos of this, I held my bladder for full 3 hrs @_@ … resulting from my kiasu-ness who bottoms-up the whole bottle of mineral water to avoid high price purchasings inside the SIS =^__^=

The main theme for this concert was Rooftop Concert. Nice and detailed stage designs. Colourful lasers and neon lightings were used to add on to the atmosphere ^_^ As far as I remembered, there was no lyrics provided on both side screens for those concerts I went before. But that wasn’t the case for this concert, which we sang along heartily with as if it was a big karaoke session =P

The times when wakin could actually ‘rest’ were during the short performances by the harpist, saxophonist, violinist and pianist. They were so professionally good that I enjoyed it so much. I guess I’m going into musical performance soon … hehehe …

when he sang 《橄榄树》


The only special guest appearance was our local malay talent, Wynn. His vocal and piano playing was good. Usually with special guest around, singer will retreat behind scene for some short rest. But it was a different move for wakin. He joked and sung with Wynn, and even stand by the piano side enjoying himself as wynn performs.

when he sang 《亲亲我的宝贝》

when he sang 《花心》

when he sang 《朋友》

It was until todate then I came to know one of my school days fav. songs 《这城市有爱》 was actually taipei’s state song.

During an interaction session with the audiences, someone requested for a cny song. And of cos laughters covered the whole stadium, which included his. But during his 1hr encore period, he remembered the request and sang 凤阳花鼓 before proceeding on to the other song requests from the floor.

I was happy to hear another fav songs of his 《寡妇村传奇》

when he sang 《这一首歌》

We thought the concert will be ending soon after the introductions of his stage staffs, but he continued and ended it with the last song, 《璀璨》. Very touching towards the end, which no wonder he cun held on to his tears anymore. Love this concert ^______^

We were more hungry than sleepy when the concert ended and eventually took a cab down to orchard swensen for supper after scanning thru our memories in vain of any 24hrs eating spot nearby as we were approaching kallang mcdonald.

Cat wanted something zi char u see, and so ordered this craypot seafood hor fun, which MZ followed suit.

I was more ‘adventurous’ despite the late hr and ordered this yummy black pepper seafood pasta 😛

The above main courses didn’t seemed to appear in the daily menu which I guess might be only catering to this ‘supper’ menu of limited varieties.

Caesar salad and fries went along with our orders too =P


Is this a curse? I accidentally deleted the file on the write up for this post just like wat happened on sandy lam’s concert’s review. Wat went worse was … the whole folder in my thumbdrive was deleted away. No matter how it was recovered, it appeared corrupted 😦

One Wakin Live In Spore = Big Karaoke Session

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