Lou-Hei In Reds

Last yr we did not lou hei as per every yr’s practice, and seemed quite a bad ‘omen’ for us as we encountered many unhappy stuffs along the way. Worse case was “the mkt went down down down” was always reported weekly, though it wasn’t tat powerful to cause the global crisis.

But to ensure smooth operating and improvements in human relationships in the office, esp to ‘boost up the mkt’ and hear “mkt went up up up” reports every week, we decided on a lou hei session among the locals within the dept only 😛 Past yrs one were under company’s acct since it involved the whole dept. We decided to do it under our own acct this yr.

Inorder to avoid the unwelcomed ones, and to have a longer and comfy meal, we decided dinner to lunch. 长先生 as usual not sparing his personal time for us, and so we joi-ed Old Cow to join in to accompany the only guy, 雷门.

We would have gone for a shocking 16 courses meal @ the price of S$318 nett at xin tao yuan after all the auntie-with-market-stall-owners-hala-ing was confirmed. The china national staff only allow us to book at 6pm cos according to her, it would take approx. 2hrs to complete the whole course. Wat a weird rule.

The funny hala-ing (bargaining kind of tone) had caught many ppl’s attention in our dept (we were supposed to plan this dinner secretly among the locals only), so much so that 老爸 came over and asked me wat was so funny that was happening. But I was too ‘busy’ laughing away to answer him 😛

When SC wanted to confirm the booking, they told her the table was available for us at that moment. The reason why they said so was becos just in case we cancel our booking, and so “available for us at that moment”. Wat a weird way to do business. How safe the table is secured can it sound? Wat if all 10 of us arrived only to realise that the table wasn’t available for us?

All these uncertainties caused us to lose confidences with them, and so the next day which was the actual day, we CANCELLED our booking. Ha! So they must have encountered such many times. It was about time they do something to bring back customer’s confidences.

And the funny thing about them was, they had a staff to pick up call, a staff to talk about the menu and booking, and a staff to take down customer’s contact no. The call was just passed on to one after another without even informing the caller about the transferring. Aiyo … **shake head**

Anyway ultimately they decided on my suggestion, Mouth Restaurant. Looks like I was the only one who knew where this restaurant was. Hahaha… my ‘territory’ u know? 😛

I was very happy that everyone was very supportive towards my request of wearing red. And just so happened, many others from other depts were wearing red too which caused curiousity from some of our dept’s non-locals who started asking us wat’s the occasion about, but only received a smile in return =P

eyes around were on us when the waitress who helped to take the grp pix exclaimed

We settled for 〈龙马精神宴〉… guess we all need to be as healthy as a dragon and horse. This 8 courses meal of S$438++ was a huge difference from the 16 courses of S$318nett at xin tao yuan. But if compared to the dinner I had at crystal jade, this was sooooo much better and delicious.

lou hei-ing time!

salmon yu sheng
very refreshing and tasty. gd!

braised shark’s fins with crabmeat & fish maw
nice? I had 2 helpings wat u think?
din really get to eat the little shark’s fins which I guess were melted and mixed.
but at least we dun just tasted the broth and nothing else.

special combination
this combination dish was good!

sauteed fresh scallop & shrimp with broccoli
decorated with a glass of dry ice … looks ‘heavenly’ ^__^
the scallop and shrimp were very crunchy and not too starchy.

steamed halibut fish with golden minced garlic
at first it seemed to taste a bit fishy cos maybe we were given more towards the fish head and tail portion, but BS and I enjoyed it very much towards the end … greedy maybe =P I think we were the only 2 munching non-stop ***hehehe***

braised sea cucumber with mushroom in abalone sauce
forever starchy dish. din touch much of this dish except few small bites on a pc of sea cucumber only, which was kinda ‘hard’.

crispy roast chicken
the thin layer of chicken skin was so crispy and tasty to resist =P

stewed ee-fu noodle with minced flat fish
this dish always came last when every stomachs were filled with food. a little too dry for my liking and so ate a few mouthful only.

cream of red bean with glutinous balls
glutinous ball was not as hard and indigestive as we thought so. nice fragrance and not too sweet.

The 8 ladies left the 2 gentlemen behind for washroom before the bill came, who eventually spent good sweet time at the doraemon shop, almost forgetting them both who were waiting patiently for us at the atrium =P

more and more stocks arrived, and bought this for 小妹 and 小王子

BO, SC, EN and 雷门 left for hm while the other 6 went ahead for … desserts … ***hehehe***

BS and I were the only one planning for some desserts in the nearby hawker. The rest had no objections and followed along.

cun find the Er Gu dessert stall and so we settled for this instead
I din know 文头雪 is Ice Jelly until today … well … I dun belong to that dialect grp :p
(btw, fruit juice drinks from a fresh fruit drink stall nearby was selling at S$1 per cup only … without syrup or water added at all)

And it was the 1st time that I ever stayed in a hawker chatting till they started offing all the lights.

It was a great nite indeed! ^__^

Lou-Hei In Reds

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