BD Treat For Me @ MOF

After this, this, and this, finally came my turn! 😛

We went for this again but to the suntec branch instead.

unagi salad (1 pax) – S$4.80
unagi with tofu combination as salad dish was something I never tried before.
the unagi was soft. tofu was just plain cold but tasted good with the sauce.

potato salad (1 pax) – S$2.50
we were ‘clever’ enough to order 1 person serving this time round 😛

nabeyaki udon – S$15.50
SK ordered this soupy meal becos she hasn’t been feeling too well after virus was passed
on to her by her 2 uncivilised colleagues who didn’t cover their mouths when they coughed :S

kakiage soba – S$11.80
a frequent order by ms sotong. dun ask me how nice … if u can imagine a person who always order ipoh hor fun for lunch 😛 I had liked it initially but I AM now ‘phobia’ when someone order ipoh hor fun. anyway, I would prefer cold soba than soupy soba. 因人而异 ba!

katsu toji set – S$18.80
BS ordered almost similar set to the chicken toji set she took the other round.
very meaty I would say. but the katsu was rather tender. not a bad choice either.

sukiyaki beef set – S$20.50
my liking for sukiyaki beef made me opted for this though there were few other choices around.
I like the way of eating, dipping into the raw egg with the belly meat. simply fantastic! ^___^

from right:
mine – soft shell crab handroll – S$3.80
BS – unagi handroll – S$2.80
SK – kani ebikko handroll – S$2.80
crazy us despited ‘complaining’ full still ordered handroll each … except ms sotong la.
I like mine. soft shell crab alone was cripsy and not so oily.
but some x-factor seems to be lacking in the handroll. just cun figure out wat was it 😛

mango kakigori – S$3.30

grape kakigori – S$3.30

Both tasted very similar. The taste differences only came stronger after emptying the little jar of syrup. I was surprised to see raisins substituting grapes. But if u tell me raisins belonged to the grape family, then there’s nothing I can ‘complain’ about 😛 Overall to say, it was the syrup that we were eating … urrhhh @_@

unagi rice ball – S$4.80

BS packed this away for her mum. According to her, it was very yummy. Well u see, she is a glutton too … after complaining full, yet she was still able to ‘share’ this with her mum after reaching hm at late hr =P

Before the dinner, I had a chance of ‘playing’ the capsule toy while waiting for BS who was helping 雷门 to collect his repaired 黑葡萄 at the nokia care. If only we had more S$1 coins for more toys 😦

Thank you gals for the treat! ^____^

BD Treat For Me @ MOF

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