CNY Visiting to BS’ Hse

Received an invitation from BS on thurs for a cny ‘feast’ at her hse to be held on today. I accepted this before realising another invitation to a polymate’s hse on the same day which sms was hidden among the many cny greeting msg received during my stay in MLK.

JK and JL arranged to meet me up at 11.45am, but was badly late for 30mins cos JL was late at their meeting pt. Luckily I was clever enough to wait at the platform then hanging around with the crowd and heat below 😉

We were lucky that we did not have to wait long for the feeder bus. And the moment we boarded the bus, we chatted all the way until we miscounted the no. of bus stops to alight 😛

We were the 1st grp of guests to arrive and so was lucky to savour the 1st complete set of homecooked dishes … cos some of the dishes wun repeat. The moment we stepped into her hse, we were brought towards the round marble dining table with dishes served to us non-stop. I was surprised with JK and JL’s fast dipping in 😮

Repeat? Yes, cos her parents (her sis joined in upon reaching hm) literally stayed inside the kitchen most of the time continuously preparing food for the many guests (most of them were their relatives) outside the kitchen. I was told that her dad enjoyed having guests at hm. Not bad huh?

Just like wat I did when I went for cny visitings in punggol area, JK and JL who stayed at the other end of the island made cny visiting plans around this area where they seldom dropped by too. And so, after staying around for near 3 hrs or so, JL started to leave for another location. JK left an hr later inorder to accompany me.

BS who had other friends in the hse too repeatedly ‘disturbed’ us while we were so engrossed with the movie. Ok lah … she just wanted to make sure we were not bored. Btw, we had watched 2.5 movies fm ch62 during the few hrs stay 😛

dried preserved mushrooms from taiwan were so crispy

I was supposed to leave with the 2 as we agreed to stay for an hr or 2, but after some sms exchanges with 雷门, he made sure that I was still around before he ‘dare’ to join in too. Thinking since I had yet to have the steamed salted prawns earlier on, I waited for him and his family.

雷门 actually wanted to leave after having some of the food (actually they were still full from lunch), but was ‘forced’ to stay on for a repeated dish prepared by BS’ dad.

I had never ever taken any sotongs (squids) in this kind of preparation. The whole dish was so purple somemore! But trust me, they were yummy! Esp when it goes with the special dip. Mmm…

And so … that was how I spent my whole afternoon. BS tried to tempt me with her dad’s coming up dish, CRABS, so that I could stay longer. But paisey me decided to take the lift fm 雷门 to the mrt instead =^___^=

CNY Visiting to BS’ Hse

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