Kim Gary @ Vivo

I first heard of this name was few yrs back when I was in malacca. Taken special notice mainly becos of Bosco Wong who was the ambassador back then, and surprising remained so till now.

I had wanted to try their food here but the frequent long q put me off everytime I came by. It was surprisingly without q when I reached around 6. And since the other 2 wouldn’t arrive until 6.45, I stepped in to secure a table only 15mins before. Who knows they arrived only at 7.15 @_@ Is it my fate to wait for latecomers? 😦

While waiting in the restaurant, I noticed however besides me, there were few other tables which sat with patrons who were waiting for their partners too, for as long as I was there, or even longer. Now I understand why the q is always that long :-\

There were large varieties of dishes to choose from. After spending some times with the menu, we finally came up with the following orders.

strawberry with aloe vera
refreshing drink … not too sweet

ying yong
Cat claimed that this hk cafe style restaurant served the best ying yong among the others.

mango shake
I have craving for mango drink recently =P

nothing much to comment for the above 2 as they were simply instant noodle alike

ham and cheese sandwiches
‘snack’ to fill up Cat’s stomach =P

supreme mix grilled baked in twins sauce
I had it with spag but it was too dry to be taken. I would appreciate if they could have the spag baked together too.
I still like this dish even though I dun really tasted any cheese in it. the grilled chicken chop and fried chicken wings were very tasty.
maybe I should take this with the rice next time … but it seems a bit filling izzit? 😀

pickled mayo fries
simply delicious. but dun be too greedy with the mayo, you will only find youself with leftovers … wasteful! :-\

The main agenda for tonite was actually to accompany MZ to shop her cny clothings. Cat and I did ours (long time ago) and so simply following behind giving advices.

Never know she was so fussy and slow in choosing clothes. Both of us were kinda bored. Knowing I’m a good ‘tour guide’, she had ever suggested on travelling to KL or any shopping paradise together. Cat and I simply stared at each other =P

Kim Gary @ Vivo

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