New Spec for New Year

Our new specs have been ready for collection since last week. Ms Sotong joined us for the collection after making an impromptu call to her as we leaving the office.

I was told only after making full payment on the new yr eve that this design was wore by the PSLE top scholar when she received her results :-\ PSLE huh …

Nice ang bao set huh? The envelope was made of hard cardboard which look like a wallet. Our 3x $300++++ worth of receipts only redeemable for 3 sets with the criteria of min spending of S$50 for 1 set per pax … but I guess it’s easily achievable with big store like harvey norman around.

The hungry 3 walked over to MS for Carl’s Jr. Din know there’s a branch nicely ‘hidden’ below. But then … we still caught sight of a KRC member with his wife ***hehehe***

BTW, is the drink refillable? We saw others refilling their regular sized cups many times before we decide to follow suit =P Luckily we din upsize our drink … wat’s the pt??!

New Spec for New Year

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