Another Afternoon @ Bugis

The foursome were back at bugis again due to the ‘demand’ from their 大姐大 after watching the recent <Jolly Good Time> programme introducing new boutiques at bugis village level 2. And if time permits, will head off to Haji Lane too which she missed that day ^____^

wow! when did this building popped out? when open for biz har?

not to be missed since we are near

I like long shophouse boutiques. There were sure something interesting ‘hidding’ inside to be explored 😛 But we din really spend much time exploring each boutique, just some random ones and I bought a red dress for cny here at a promotioned rate 🙂

Anyway after browsing thru some boutiques, we realised that their ‘limited pc’ stock mostly came from the same online webby(s) which I frequented, but were priced highly :-\ Maybe I should open a shop here too … hmmm …

I had read many articles about the shops along this area but have never really make a trip down. Quite a tranquil place where one can spend a good afternoon lazing at their alfresco area reading a book. A who used to work around this area told us that the teh from a nearby coffeeshop was excellent, and some nice local food served at some eatery too. Will give them a try when we can spend the whole afternoon here 😛

Best part was … I spotted this!

Too bad it was closed this day 😦

Before we leave bugis and fetch 小王子, we enjoyed some nice drinks at Shokudo ^_*

peppermint tea

mango smoothie

lychee freeze

小王子 likes to smile to Gong Gong and A.

Another Afternoon @ Bugis

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