Jan BDs Treat

It is the time of the yr for the rest to treat the 3 January (6 days apart for each) BD family members for a dinner. Since today is 妈咪 actual date, which nicely fall on a weekend, we decided to celebrate in advance for the other 2 (one of them is me la!) than belated ones.

小王子 getting a haircut for the cny. Luckily he is the kind who can sit still during the haircut, but cun be too long though.

Ta la! Wat a refreshing look! ^_____^

Dinner for tonite was at Crystal Jade Dining Place @ IMM.

Not knowing wat to choose, we settled for the dinner set for 8 @ S$268++.

BBQ Combination
roasted chicken meat, pork ribs and roasted pork meat
they were tendering good but on a salty side

Soup of the Day
lotus root with red bean soup
quite a starchy soup. maybe becos of this, serving of more that a small bowl will seems too much

Deep-fried Live Prawn with Almond
best dish of the lot. fresh and crispy to the extend that the shell could even be eaten … if u dun mind indigestion 😛

Deep-fried Crispy Roasted Chicken
it was indeed crispy, but again more on the salty side

Steamed Sea Garoupa Fish
kinda fishy

Braised Vegetable with 2 Kinds of Mushroom
nothing special

Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Lotus Seed
orange peel taste was strong … to my liking

8 courses set including plain rice @_@

Overall not to our likings. And as usual, the comments from all folks was … kopitiam zi char served better and cheaper dishes =P

With the free delivery service from Giant for more than S$200 spent, 大妹 and T started ‘throwing’ cny groceries into the trolley.

Just when 小妹, A and me proceeded to head off to chinatown, 妈咪 called to say the shuttle bus to clementi and even boon lay mrt station had been ceased. Aiyo … how inconvenient!

For those who doesn’t know yet, there is only free shuttle bus to and fro IMM and jurong east mrt station. Bo liao lor … to squeeze in to this always fully packed bus, I might as well walk to and from the station.

I was VERY disappointed with the deco at chinatown this yr. Shouldn’t they keep up past yr efforts at such tough period to “牛”转乾坤? Wat a drastic change between the xmas and cny decos.

Jan BDs Treat

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