Memory Lane – The Song (2)

Memory flashed back as 933 playing this song.

Flashing all the way back to my 1st ever job while waiting for O level results. With further extension of an extra yr due to the wrong selection of course offered. Afterwhich I returned for work every sch vacations for 1 full mth, except those time when I contracted chicken pox, yr 2 attachment and final yr project period. I wasn’t in need of $$ then, but it was the ppl and the relaxing working environment that made it a best of place for me to earn some pocket $$ =P

The whole chain of stores may has disappeared, my memories of the period spent at parkway parade/marina sq/chinatown pt/people’s park complex branches remains.

一秒钟 一分钟 一小时
一天 一月 一年

我想, 我们都曾经…

渴望 那一秒钟 能永远定格
希望 那一分钟 会尽快结束
祈祷 那一天 赶快来到
但愿 那一年 不曾走过… …

遗憾 某些人的过去 我们未能参与
奢望 将踏入的未来 能相伴随行

每一段的日子 肯定有苦有甜蜜
走过了 就会在心里留下足迹

还是借着天天踩着的步伐 想压深的记忆

extracted from DK’s blog

Memory Lane – The Song (2)

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