Goodbye 2008 : Welcome 2009

31 Dec Wed – New Year Eve

BS had been wanted to make contact lens and needed some encouragements, so 2 of us accompanied her heading towards millenia walk.

Since we will pass by 小妹’s shop, I brought them in to say ‘Hi!’. This ‘Hi’ cost us S$1.1k+ :-O

But I was happy to be able to redeem the cool teddy bear with a mini spending of S$800 … fm our purchase … hahaha …

I dun wear earrings nor ring, so the pendant is truely mine ^___* Nevertheless, it’s time for a good reward after a hard yr of work **excuse**

As we spent 1hr+ in the shop, we headed straight for late lunch @ thai express.

Yam Mamuang (S$6.90)
namly the mango salad. not sour enough I feel 😛

Woon Sen Tom Yum Talay (S$9.90)
tom yam seafood glass noodles

Sen Lek Tom Yum Talay (S$9.90)
tom yam seafood stick noodles

Both were almost similar. The tom yam taste was quite spicy … quite up to our taste. Btw, wat the diff between glass noodles and stick noodles har? Both are vermicelli, rite?

Phat Thai Talay (S$9.90)
thai fried noodles with seafood, but still not as sweet, sour, spicy and nutty taste as wat i ate in bkk 😦

Peek Gai Yud Sai (S$7.90)
thai stuffed chicken wings. boneless chicken wings where chicken meat were taken out carefully and restuffed in. maybe precook chicken meat before they fried it after stuffing in (wow like expert man! … for someone who dun cook … hehehe …)

Thai Fish Cakes (S$7.90)
taste normal but I like 😀

By the time we finished our dinner, SK had to rush back hm cos she had another appt in the evening.

BS and I proceeded to millenia walk, mistakenly passing thru suntec and we spotted this uniquely xmas tree.

Upon reaching millenia walk, instead of getting contact lens done, we spent another ‘bomb’ (BS actually) by making 3 pairs of designed spec. I had never spend more than S$300 on a pair of spec before :-O

And all becos BS felt that the optician in the other optic shop which we planned to go initially didn’t came with a good ‘confident’ look. She has phobia in trying out contact lens, that’s why.

It was almost going 7pm by the time we head off hm for each of our own appt at nite.

I was rushing like hell for the other appt at commonwealth, cos I wanted to catch the little nyonya drama at AG’s hse.

I missed almost half of the epi when I arrived at AG’s hse with JT.

Each and everyone contributed a little … but this ‘little’ came up to be a big spread. So much so even the hungry me who din take dinner ‘cleared’ quite a lot, there were still lots of leftovers.

Oh ya! Forgotten to mention … our theme for this gathering was … Pajamas Party!!!!

But some of them weren’t spotty enough 😦 … I think I know wat to buy for them next xmas :-\

Ignorant me din realised that such party will involve staying overnite @_@ … and there I was thinking of catching the last train =P

We spent the whole nite watching the live countdown show (we could see the fireworks afar from AG’s kitchen too), 画皮 and ended up doozing off at Madagascar …

Happy New Year to All …. ZZzzzz….

1 Jan Thurs – New Year Day

We woked up early to have our breakfast at the ‘nearby’ mcdonald, but we spent half an hr walking to this ‘nearby’ outlet, when we could spend less time going by the roadside instead @_@

Thought by cutting thru the commonwealth drive estate, we could get across to the ridout tea garden outlet; who knows it’s a big maze inside. I wondered how the elderlys move around in this elderly designed estate.

My 3rd mcdonald’s breakfast in less than a week … with different set each day 😛

this reminded me of the 《红蜻蜓》 by 小虎队

Goodbye 2008 : Welcome 2009

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