Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat + Tom’s Palette

Located near the junction of north bridge rd and jln sultan lies a coffeeshop which served mainly steamboat. I dun see other stall other than the drinks stall there.

CL who had lunch there not long ago, decided to bring us there to try out their charcoaled steamboat for ourselves.

just realised that’s my ex-sch name … “Nan Hua …”

红哥里 Red Snapper (Ang Gor Li) Fish Steamboat S$28
charcoals were pre-heated before they put into the ‘chimney’.
we din take fish head cos both of them dunno how to eat them.
fresh fish sweety soup with chao dar taste. tasty!

Additional 金针菇 golden mushrooms (S$3) were ordered.

啤酒排骨王 Beer Pork Ribs King (S$10)
meat were unusually served in cubes than ribs; very tender and tasty,
but we unanimously agreed that there was no beer taste at all.

南乳花肉 Pickled Tofu Pork Belly (S$8)
this tasted similar to the pork ribs dish but came in different sauce;
nicely fried; crispiness on the outer layer and tendering in the inside.

time for a healthier drink after all those mass feasts for the past few days … as if … 😛

Does other non-restaurant steamboat soup refillable? The staffs here were pretty attentive in refilling. But CL and NL were too bz eating and ignored them when they asked … hahaha … We were pretty lucky to find a good spot too. Most importantly, we were early for the crowd to start.

We were talking about the whampoa steamboat that I ate near 10 yrs ago. The place where I witnessed a big rat running across along the top of the high stall walls @_@

Anyway, any other nice steamboat place where is more excessible to the ‘westerner’ me? ^__*

The trio walked all the way from bugis junction to the destination, enjoying the sights around this little arab. But we were quite hungry to browse the shops then, esp those at haji lane which we had long heard of how interesting this little street is. By the time we returned after dinner, boutiques were closed, except for those ‘puffing’ restaurants.

We made a detour passing thru jln kapa aliwal st to take a pix of this going-to-be-demolished uniquely designed Concourse mall, and oso in search of the xing hua restaurant along beach road which I cun find it (wrong direction ba).

After detouring to bussorah st, we found yet another stretch of lifely restaurants which seems quite happening too.

We din head back to bugis junction but instead we walked all the way to shaw towers. Lots of walking today =P

CL was the leader today while NL and me only the followers. hahaha…

CL had mentioned to us many times of the good reviews received from this home-made ice cream parlour. Finally found the chance to try them out.

Strawberry and White Chocolate with Cranberries / Chocolate and Peanut Butter / Pink Guava and Tangerine
All flavours were fantastic. I have special likings for sour taste and so pink guava+tangerine were truely mine : )

We read many ‘ridiculous’ requests of flavours from the pin-ups, and overheard that they are coming up with luo han guo and pumpkin tml … interesting huh …

More ice-cream cafes had popped up nowsaday. It’s going to be a sweeeeeeet yr ahead ^_____^

Last but not least, a trip back to bugis junction simply for shots on the lee hwa crystal xmas tree and weird-crooked xmas tree by the fountain.

My fav ……. Carousels!!!

Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat + Tom’s Palette

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