Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (1)

Finally came the awaited day!

Rather xiong in co-ordinating this 3D2N chalet-cum-bbq xmas celebrations, cos it involved 2 different grp of ppl with a total ‘attendence’ of 9pax (1st nite) and 12pax-with-7kids (2nd nite).

1st nite was fun. 2nd nite was fun+chaos.

I had been searching online for recipes in marinating chicken wings for bbq … never so hardworking in helping 妈咪 with her cooking before, so 惭愧. The gals/guys had better appreciate my ‘work’.

26 Dec Fri

JT, AG, PL, FY came up to my hse to collect all the bbq stuffs after our collection of the famous satays at the hawker near my place before we set off to downtown east. 1st time to my place ye …

Downtown east chalet had changed so much until I couldn’t recognise. Majority of us from both grps had never stepped in here since poly/sch days. Even when I mentioned my stay to colleagues, they were rather shocked cos such stays were only frequent during those sch days.

AG suggested an unusual way of exchanging gift by picking a number each. This number will decide his or her sequence in choosing any of the wrapped gifts on the floor or ‘snatching away’ the already chosen unwrapped one from the previous person. Should that person’s gift ‘snatched’, he or she can choose any gift from the floor again.

Sound messy? Nevermind! Anyway we had a fun messy time ‘exchanging’ of gifts. ho ho ho!

It was almost 2am before we decided to leave for the beach for more childhood play …

All 8 of us finally ‘concussed’ by 3am+ … sleeping squeezingly in a small room =P

27 Dec Sat Morning

Time for the rest to pack and have our breakfast before I start to receive another grp later in the morning.

Being a weekends ‘long hours’ sleeper, having breakfast at mcdonald was extremely hard for me =P

forgotten to show where’s our room located … “一起饿死” @_@

Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (1)

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