Xmas Eve

I had no plan for xmas eve (thinking of ‘resting’ my stomach for upcoming chalet-cum-bbq) initially until Ms Sotong gotten ‘aeroplaned’ by her friend and so approaches me for a date since we having official half day off. I pulled BS along since all 3 of us were ‘westerners’.

And with this, I spent the whole afternoon in vivo and set off to the extended jurong pt late evening till 10pm+, ended the day with bad blisters on my feet and spoilt shoes =P

BS had to clear her work before meeting us up, and so YT and I went off 1st, resulting with tons of pix … and window displays weren’t spare too =P

All restaurants were packed and so ended up at republic foodcourt for their gor hiang and bak chor mee. BTW, they were for BS and me only =P

It was still drizzling after our dinner. But the reflections on the wet floorings were so beautiful.

YT left us for her xmas countdown as we headed off to the newly extended Jurong Pt at 8pm+. The size of ‘extention’ which is equivalent to an additional mall.

Exclaimings from both of us : “we were amazed that they were able to find the same flooring and railing designs despite after so many yr since the old jurong pt opened. watmore, the flow of linking both JP1 and JP2 was so perfect!”

wat meant to be near S$200 expenses becomes near S$120 after great sales and some ppl’s careless mistake 😛


Xmas Eve

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