3 Rs For Xmas

I have been working on these right from the beginning of this year …

1st only tried out on unused jap cookie boxes …

With the increasing nos. of unwanted calendars, I decided to try out on them too …

And soon a bunch of them 🙂

As xmas is getting nearer, I soon realised some of my gifts doesn’t fit into them and so it’s time for me to dig out my collections of nice used envelopes and wrappers from stores.

And not forgetting the mini well wishes cards?

obviously these came from used CNY cards …

Oh dun worry, these were company received cards given by clients. I WILL NOT throw away cards given by friends and relatives 🙂

With some garnishing from my ribbon collections …

I’m ready to be a Santa Claus loh! Ho ho ho! =^___^=

See! Reduce, reuse, recycle can be very fun too ^____^ … and it’s cost saving =P


Cutting out the cardboards ain’t easy. I was even thinking of searching for company who can do the mold for me =P

3 Rs For Xmas

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