1st Xmas Gathering Of The Year

Subject: 1st Xmas Gathering

Venue: 大妹’s hse

Well, her hse was so much bigger and ’emptier’ … and most importantly, kids-friendly environment =P

We had wanted to arrange a xmas hi tea gathering as usual. Knowing how unworthy the rate will be for kids above 3yrs even though they dun eat much, and the ‘freedom’ of kids, I decided to use her hse for our party.

Both toy collectors, BT and T, could finally meet after introducing them to each other over the msn. T was so excited to showcase his collections @_@

Watmore I can proudly ‘show’ 小王子 to them too … hehehe …

Miscalculated … that’s alot for 7 adults … ended up taking the leftovers as my dinner cos the rest were going for another session in celebration of winter solstice 冬至. We totally forgotten about this festival when we confirmed the date of our gathering.

cun believed that this is the work of both T and his bro who learned the baking from youtube …
wow!! great job somemore! but more rum and lesser coco powder will be better … choking la …

Took a lift from BT when the party ended, and alighted at Lot 1, cos … another extention done to a heartland mall! Just a small extention though, with few more shops space added to each level.

Btw … how come New York New York popped up at all extended/new heartland malls? At least I had seen it at West Coast Plaza and Lot 1. Hmm……

1st Xmas Gathering Of The Year

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