Last BD Dinner Of The Year

It finally came to the last BD dinner of the yr … happy birthday to u, BS!

I was thinking of redeeming 4 more calendars with my 4x $680 worth of receipts, but sadly after dragging the other 3 of them to centre pt only to realise that all free gifts were fully redeemed ;..( … there were even <Mr Men Little Miss> umbrella to redeem … how come it wasn’t advertise properly in the shopping mall? **sigh**

After the unsuccessful attemption, we headed off to orchard pt for Mushroom Pot which was tucked away at the winter section of OG. And btw, it was raining quite heavily when we were crossing over :-\ **岂有此理**

obviously she’s the BD gal 😛

Their steamboat wasn’t too bad a choice and quite reasonably cheap. It was ala carte buffet style and so we could repeat orders except for few stated dishes which could only be served once.

Honestly to say it was perfect for a gathering of friends without having the hassle of preparing and cleaning after meal at hm. But if this was suggested to my family, they would rather have that at hm 😛

And soon crazy xmas shots after our dinner … luckily the rain had stopped 🙂

We last stopped at mcdonald’s for some drinks … and we spotted this …

The 100yen shaka shaka chicken pc that SK and I had in tokyo early this yr had finally arrived here … and it seemed that it was exclusive to shaw centre branch?

Last BD Dinner Of The Year

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