Himawari & 2am: Dessert Bar

We aimed at Himawari Japanese Restaurant after the recommendation by 永远吃不肥 Buffet Buffet Ep 10.

Alexandra Road branch was rather out of the way for most of us (except me), and so we decided to head off to the Neil Road branch instead.

We were told that their rental contract was ending soon and there wasn’t any plan to extend. So to say, this branch ‘might’ be our last trip?

Overall it was a worthy trip. Imagine other than having shabu shabu and sashimi which had covered the cost, we had chawamushi, sushi, yakitori, tempura and many others. And wat more, we could go for repeat orders. Whao!

After the dinner, as requested by me, we strolled down Keong Saik Road with ‘history lesson’ by YL, the ex-resident of the region. Quite a peaceful road … such shophouses streets are just to my liking : )

We headed off to HV to meet up with the other 4 who were already at 2am, while YL left for home.

Somehow I felt that this restaurant had appeared in Chen Han Wei’s programme before … esp on the layout of the restaurant and the way the desserts were displayed when served.

Anyway their fusion desserts din seems to capture our hearts.

This small bottle of alcoholic drink however captured us more ^__^ Where can we find this?

NL and FY wasn’t in the pix 😛

Himawari & 2am: Dessert Bar

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