Xmas @ Centre Point

3rd trip to Orchard for their xmas deco. And it was drizzling again 😦

Since Cat was attending seminar nearby, we chose to dine at centre pt, but ended up hanging around there for the whole nite.

This yr round they were using crystal for their xmas deco. I have yet to take a proper pix of their front entrance cos the human traffic there was too high … errrr …

After browsing around for a suitable dining place, we decided on Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant.

A search online showed that this outlet was opened in Jul with interior design of stone and wood. The waitresses were all dressed in traditional Korean garb. Their friendliness and sweet smile left us very good impression of. Cat even wanted to intro her ‘boy’ colleague to one of them … hahaha …

We took the set menu (for 2) @ S$49 and added some ala carte dishes too.

dishes of appetitser
didn’t seems appealing to me … seems to lack of something …

I’m quite disappointed with their utencils … where’s the flat chopsticks and silver rice bowl (‘铁’饭碗)??

We decided to have the kitchen bbq the pork and chicken meat for us.

BBQ Pork (from the set)
nicely marinated and grilled. very tender too. I guess we wun grill to this perfection without any burn =P

BBQ Chicken (from the set)
same as above

Seafood Kimchi Soup (from the set)
sourish and spicy. there were diff grade of spiciness to choose from, and we took the norm one.
din suit MZ’s taste though and she forgo the whole bowl.

Sauteed Seasonal Veg (S$10)
a very common dish … too ex for such I feel. MZ wanted some vege dish to balance the meaty set and we ordered this 😦

Pan Fried Beancurd (S$10)
nicely fried layer and tendering in the inside. very ‘juicy’ somemore. not a bad choice.

Kimchi Pancake (S$14)
quite an unsightly serving. total disappointment in this dish. it was my choice as I missed korean pancake.
it was more like frying the flour used for our nian gao (cny cake) and nothing else.

Oh ya … their sour plum drinks we took was kinda … detergent taste alike … eeeee….

The overall serving was very big even though there were 3 of us. But honestly to say, it wasn’t that fantastic. It wun be my 1st choice if given a choice.

Anyway does anyone know where did the 30yrs+ old Korean Restaurant that used to be located in the previously specialist shopping centre gone to? Guess I need to get my rarely contacted friend to check with her good friend … it was their family business.

Robinson toy dept was the next we spent time at. Wah! Cute deco at this dept, with blocks of coloured pix by kids that were framed up onto the wall along the escalator, and teddy bears taking skiing ride alike running round the ceiling.

And there I found another bearish xmas tree!

Ain’t they cute? ^____^

Just hr before the dinner, I noticed a little girl holding a <Mr Men Little Miss> desktop calendar. I was hoping to own one too and soon realised my wish. But this little wish really made us unhappy.

Saga 1

According to the girl at the information counter, such desktop calendar is redeemable with a min spend of S$100, and accumulative with 3 receipts in single day. As our bill of near S$115 from the dinner already earned us one, adding on to the purchase of near S$74 spent by Cat n MZ from the toy dept, we were still short of S$10+ for the 2nd set.

Since we were only left with 15 mins to go before the info counter closed, Cat n MZ grabbed another 2 items which they had eye-ed on earlier at the beauty dept.

All 3 of us were rushing happily for the redemption only to our dismay that we were given 1 set per customer. But wat went worse was, she stamped on all 3 receipts which were worth a total of S$200+.

Stupid fool! If I were the one behind the counter, I would have advise the customer to spilt the bill for 2 redemptions. They were so rigid and refused to issue 2 sets (for Cat and me).

Saga 2

We continued to shop in the beauty dept for other stuffs. Afterwhich we settled down at the mc did we realised the mistake made by the robinsons cashier.

One of the purchase was repeated in both trips. We were told that that particular item wasn’t under the 20% dis offer. We din probe further as we need to rush for redemption earlier. But it was a totally diff story in the 2nd purchase. All items (including the 2nd identical purchase) in the bill was given 20% dis. After making Cat to clarify the mistake with a diff cashier, she was refunded back with the difference of S$3.58.

If not becos of my ‘anguish’ state caused by the calendar saga, I would not have wanted to take pix of ‘evidences’ to warn the rest, and would not have noticed the mistake. S$3.58 leh! … we could have a cup of ice lemon tea and ice cream in mc :-\

Ok … nevertheless, it was rather a fruitful trip. Bearish xmas trees and <Mr Men Little Miss> desktop calendar were more than enough 🙂

Talking about this <Mr Men Little Miss>, I realised that they had reappeared in many forms recently. Just a trip down to centre pt and I could find these.

… and I almost wanted to bring Miss Sunshine mascot home =P

Xmas @ Centre Point

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