TVB 2009 Calendar

Oh! The calendar was out!

January: Linda Chung 钟嘉欣, Bosco Wong 黄宗泽, Raymond Lam 林峰, Kate Tsui 徐子珊
I stupidly thought they made this jump together 😛

Febuary: Susanna Kwan 关菊英, Kiki Sheung 商天娥, Louise Lee 李司棋, Nancy Sit 薛家燕, Michelle Yim 米雪
this is wat 妈咪 called 老将

March: Roger Kwok 郭晋安, Charmaine Sheh 佘诗曼, Sonija Kwok 郭羡妮, Michael Miu 苗桥伟
looks more like jewellery advert

April: Sunny Chan 陈锦鸿, Myolie Wu 胡杏儿, Joe Ma 马德钟
looks kinda weird … maybe becos of the lighting? …

May: Kenneth Ma 马国明, Yoyo Mung 蒙嘉慧, Selena Li 李诗韵, Shirley Yeung 杨思琦, Chris Lai 黎诺懿
for a moment I though something wrong with my focusing …

June: Steven Ma 马浚伟, Anne Chau 丘凯敏, Sharon Chan 陈敏之, Patrick Tang 邓健泓, Kenny Wong 黄德斌
just like any grp pix … nothing special …

July: Aimee Chan 陈茵薇, Cheng Kevin 郑嘉颖, Ron Ng 吴卓羲, Tavia Yeung 杨怡, Natalie Tong 唐诗咏
dun u find the gals’ cheek too ‘red’?

August: Nancy Wu 胡定欣, Koni Lui 吕慧仪, Leane Li 李亚男, Chan Fala 陈法拉,
Tracy Ip 叶翠翠, Vivien Yeung 杨秀惠, Yoyo Chan 陈自瑶, Suki Tsui 徐淑敏
how they managed to be so SLIM?!?! 😦

September: Mandy Cho 曹敏莉, Michael Tse 谢天华, Adam Cheng 郑少秋, Christine Ng 伍咏薇, Sheren Tang 邓萃雯
somehow the gals stand out more than the 2 guys …

October: Gallen Lo 罗嘉良, Bernice Liu 廖碧儿, Bobby Au Yeung 欧阳震华, Maggie Siu 邵美琪
this seems normal

November: Lam Bowie 林保怡, Gigi Lai 黎姿, Ada Choi 蔡少芬, Moses Chan 陈豪
oh gigi last time to appear in tvb calendar … I will miss her man!

December: Amigo Cui 崔建邦, Matthew Ko 高钧贤, Jason Chan 陈智燊,
Liza Wang 汪明荃, Benjamin Yuen 袁伟豪, Edwin Siu 萧正楠, Stephen Wong 黄长兴
this reminded me of the 《迷人风骚热咖啡》 performance with 28 handsome tvb male artistes in the TVB 28th Anniversary Show.

from time 3:29 (error in the clips info … it should be 28 guys cos it was for their 28th anni back then)

I still preferred the 2007 one. But anyway I have never been able to get any of these or their yearly released cny ang baos 😦 Will there be any exception this time round … hmmm …

But I finally had my hands on these … thks to 大妹’s colleague 🙂

And received these free from a colleague …

Happy enough ^_______^

TVB 2009 Calendar

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