Bearish Xmas @ Taka

Oh! I’m back at Orchard again!!! Cos I have yet to have enough pix taking of the xmas deco around, and so planned to dine at Taka/NAC this nite.

And oh my! I love the full bearish xmas theme @ taka.

@ NAC information counter area

Xmas trees made up of green, red and white bears are adorable ^____^ I wonder how much time they took to stack them up? …

And they finally changed the design of their paper bag. I was so much attracted to it that I bought a small little item which could simply dropped into my handbag, but only decided to ask for it when CL was making her payment =P But but … I want the wrappers toooooo 😦

Tonite’s dinner was @ Tonkichi. My 2nd trip since the last cos I was rather afraid to take their biting frittered layer. But this time round it didn’t bite at all : )

As it was almost 8pm, the trio was super hungry then and so gulped down the food. But we soon realised how full we were for eating so fast … hehehe …

Looking around the restaurant, we realised many diners handcarrying with branded good paper bag … maybe due to the location. I should have taken 1 from hm too =P

ODS Chawamushi (S$10.50)
CL found the fishy smell while NL and me finished up the whole cup. Maybe tasted a bit ‘raw’ but still fine for me.
But if comparing this price to Wasabi Tei’s, the latter was cheaper and nicer. Seems like none could fight theirs.

Mix Seafood Katsu Set (S$24)
There were deep fried prawns, oyster, crab croquette and dory fish to this set.
I had small pcs of chicken and rosu ‘donated’ to me, so when I came to the last pc, deep fried oyster, I no longer been able to finish up the whole pc. It tasted like UFO but crispier and without vege in it.

Prawn and Rosu (S$24)
The pork fillet was as usual tender and meaty.

Prawn and Chicken (S$24)
Same as above … ‘juicy’ too 😀

Each set came with refillable shredded cabbage as salad, and they were very generous with it. Wat went best with their salad was their salad dressing which we believed was mixed with grapefruit juice. And becos it was too appetising and refreshing, we used the whole bottle and had it refilled =P

Taka was where we hung around for a long time after our dinner … until the whole NAC closed and someone had to ‘escort’ us out =P

… and I got this for myself should I be travelling to jap again =P

I will be back to orchard again cos I had yet to have time to cross over to paragon and other parts of orchard for some nice xmas deco.

It was drizzling on both occasions when I was here for xmas shots. Hopefully it doesn’t rain the next time I’m back here again :-\

Bearish Xmas @ Taka

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