Ho Ho Ho! Holidays!

Wah wah … am getting more holidays coming season!!!

24th / 31st dec 08 – company declared half day
26th dec 08 – taken leave for my chalets


2nd Jan 09 – company declared full day off
28th – 30th Jan 09 – taking leave to be away to MLK for mass cny celebrations (looking forward ^^)

At least I have 3D2N chalets over the xmas weekends, but still have yet to make any plan on new yr weekends. Quite a long weekends, so wat should I plan leh?

Go on a trip? Everyone around me had returned from few trips and so temp financial handicapped. Moreover despites the global crisis now, making any trips during this period will still be extremely ex. But wun it be a waste to let go of such good opportunity? 😦

Or worse come to worse, catch up some tvb dramas =P My MR 😦 …

Ho Ho Ho! Holidays!

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