Seat Reservation ‘Culture’

I believed maybe not all but many of the sporeans knew about this “Tissue Pack Culture” in the CBD area.

If u weren’t aware, then let me tell you here.

If u see tissue packs scattering in an ‘orderly manner’ on any table just infront of any chair available, dun be mistaken as left behind by any absentminded ppl. They were basically used as unofficial yet CBD-recognised-offical “seat reservation sign”. But this would only work during the lunch peak hours where lunching hours were short. U better dun try it during dinner time, I guess it doesn’t help as much as lunch hour.

But of cos there were some single lunching ppl who hack care the significate of the tissue pack. If we ever saw this kind of ppl, we would know whether he/she was working in the CBD area or was a foreigner.

some tissue manufacturer came out with this idea ^___*
got this from a daily necessity shop beside 7-11 in bugis village, selling @ $1 for 1 full pack of 12.

So next time if u ever see any of these, pls do not push it away or use it up. During peak hours, not only seats are difficult to find but so was the long queues at the stalls. If anyone was to queue before searching for his/her seat, I guess he/she will have to stand with his/her tray of food for quite some times.

And … and … pls do not hook on to the table after ur meal for any chatting session, esp places like the hawkers, kopitiams, and any other highly populated lunch places. We were only given that period of time for lunch where most of us will just eat and go, and leave that for the next grp of ppl going for the same circle.

Other than tissue packs, one could see umbrellas too. Hot sun during lunch hour lah …

Or even company ID card like wat BS and 长先生 like to do. Who wants to take them away … hehehe …

We have not try or dare to do so in other part of the island. How about u?

Seat Reservation ‘Culture’

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