The Final Result

Finally the result is out late in the afternoon!

1st Team : Clocked 5 hrs 43 mins

2nd Team : Clocked 5 hrs 45 mins

3rd Team : Clocked 5 hrs 55 mins (originally the 1st team who clocked 5 hrs 25 mins)

Unexpectedly, our team became the 1st runner up! (again for me :p)

The top winner was actually the 3rd team to arrive … and just 2 mins before us. But unexpected turn for the original winner who received a cruel penalty of 30mins resulting in a push down to 3rd in place (their ice lemon tea cost them S$1K :-O), and originally 2nd team to be kicked out from top 3 as they wasted 20mins for the extra help call made.

ST suggested to start building up my stamina from now, or take multi-vits daily for a week before the event next yr. But I guess this yr race had scared many ppl out, and so the committee may stick back to car rally next yr … hehehe …

I had been walking like an ah mah for the past few days. Think it will take few more days for my muscles to loosen down totally.

Watever it was, I was luckly to have good teammates … who always slow down and keep a look out for me everytime I was lagging behind, panting away 😛

The Final Result

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