Rally = The Great Run

I would say it was a very tedious race this yr. The so-called walk/bus/mrt had fully became RUN/bus/mrt. And I almost give up becos of the RUN. But upon seeing the support from my team members, I die die oso must drag my legs and gasp for breath at the same time @_@


Were we the 1st to leave the starting pt after goping down mr bean’s cheese bun and a bottle of 500ml mineral water each? Anyway we were not the 3rd grp to leave.


We were all clueless as we dashed down to the mrt station with a clue of our 1st checkpt. Someone (not from my team) insisted that it could be the one outside UOB bldg. And since we were so near to that stop, we alighted only to find out that there were no RC member stationed there. Meaning … wrong place! :-\

After help calls to various ppl, uncertainty was still strong until we saw a late RC member whom we decided to follow. And true enough, she was heading to our 1st checkpt, EXPO.

Not knowing which sculpture they referring to, and inorder not to take any chance, we took pix with almost all sculptures we could find there … but the 1st one nearer to the mrt station was the right one @_@

When we received this clue, we had no apparent idea where the place was. The part where “serene place where fresh air is aplenty” and helps in searching online for nugmeg tree in spore almost led us to Victoria Park Road which was located at Bt Timah area. So while thinking of which mrt station (clementi or newton) to go, EK (help caller) suggested going by the newton side. So off we took the route to north line. And luckily we took this direction, cos soon we realised we were only the wrong track. The numbers in the clue were actually the sequence no. of the alphabets, which came up to be ANG MO KIO!

Another grp holding the same routes had been with us all the while. So 2 teams were racing to arrive to the pts at the same time.

After having a hard run up the stairs to the top of the hill beside AMK mrt station, we had to go thru another obstacle of counting the no. of steps for the stairway behind the bus stop from the main road before we could get another clue and proceed to the next pt. Alamak! Luckily only 1 rep from each team was enough … and that’s definately not me =P

Just as wat our team leader predicted, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE FOUNTAIN @ SUNTEC was one of the checkpts! And it was the most tedious and horrible pt to me :-O

Just imagine the run from the mrt station, up thru raffles city, stopping on off by the traffic lights, running alongside of the nco bldg, thru the crowd bumping into shoppers in suntec gallery, before we finally reached the fountain area, but only to find that the RC members weren’t in sight. 3 teams arrived in search of them at the same time and took a long while before we finally caught sight of them with another team who had just finished thru their obstacle. So near yet so far, we wasted our 1 free call at this pt.

The obstacle of this pt was to do some mathematics questions given out by a primary sch girl of a RC member. Kinda tough for those who had left school for many years =P After getting all answers to the 3 questions, we had to search for a car in the big suntec carpark with the carplate no. derived from combinations of the answers. Luckily the car wasn’t park too far from our pt. **phew!**

In order to stop the other teams from overpowering us, our team leader decided to throw out the HOLD CARD to hold the next team of their precious 10 mins time.

And then we had to go thru the same run back to the mrt station, but taking a different route, crossing the underpass instead this time, thru the crowd in citylink mall. OMG!

Next clue led to JURONG WEST ST 74, which was the last station of the west line. We could finally sit down for rest. But it seemed that the rest caused more tension to our leg muscles which was a wrong step 😦

I couldn’t remember how we managed to find out the right block to go. I tried calling colleagues staying in the area, asking wat kind of observation tower could we find there. But we were wrong! This checkpt was just an apartment belonging to a RC member.

We were hold of our 10mins here. A good ‘rest’ time for us actually cos we were all thristy and hungry as it was lunch hour then. But most importantly … we need toilet =P

We were rather lucky here, cos this being the only pt which feeder bus was needed, we managed to catch them to and fro in time.

This clue could be easily search online and seen as the mrt passed by Chua Chu Kang mrt station. Quite a bonus pt. But it wasn’t easy for gals to play basketball, watmore to game 1 pt each at 5 different spots.

As we were trying our best to aim at the basket, another team arrived and we had to surrender one of the 2 basketballs to them. That made our hope even slimmer. Nevertheless, after spending about 15-20mins for this pt, we run back to the mrt station without taking lrt, which we did to arrive at this pt all becos the lrt arrived as our mrt reached station then.

Last pt to go before heading off back to the start pt and end the whole race. I guess I think too far then cos there were 2 hawkers serving ice kachang, and I believed this famous peanuts serving ice kachang wasn’t the traditional ice kachang it should be.

Nevertheless, we came to the right stall. And before we could ‘feast’ on the BIG bowl of ice kachang, we had to take wasabi filled seaweeds. Anyway nothing happened to us on that =P

After gulping down the ice cool dessert, we (me rather) dashed our might all the way to the start pt. Dramatic cheering shown on tv or big screen was seen then as some RC members and other team members were cheering for me. Very touched then **sob sob** … as well as out of breath too 😀

Though we were the 4th team to arrive, 2nd to 4th team clocking time was different by 2-3mins each. So chances of our team getting into the top 3 winners were quite high as one of the teams had made a 2nd help call which would add on to their clocked time as penalty.

Worse of all was the uncertain penalty that could befall on the 1st arrived team who lost their routing sheet before arriving on the ice kachang pt, just becos Mr Shifu made a purchase on a cup of ice lemon tea. This team arrived earlier than the 2nd team by approx. 20mins+. So we just hope that the penalty would not go beyond 20mins inorder to stay as the top winner.

Well, we will only know the final result coming mon. Till then, I guess I have to bear with the wobbling leg and stiff muscles of mine for the next few days.

*** wobble wobble wobble ***

Rally = The Great Run

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