2008 RC Rally Eve

The annual rally from our company will be tml. They had forgo the use of car for the race as per the past 2 yrs and changed to travel via walking/mrt/lrt/bus instead.

New rules has been set too … aiming at the past 2 yrs champions we feel 😛 Cos for the past 2 yrs, the winner came from the same team of 4 guys. This yr round, they set a rule of having at least 1 gal in a team. And so, these 4 guys strategically spilt into 2 grps, with 2 ‘adopted’ gals … me being one of them 😀

Why strategically? They are aiming at the 1st and 2nd in place. So that the total prizing of $2500 can be split among all 8 of us, or whichever winner grp will have to treat the loser :-\

SK and I was rather stressed up by their high expectations 😦 … so much so that SK had nitemare on this, while me, who wasn’t in pink of health lately and hasn’t been reading heritage or city related blogs/articles, went brushing up my readings and going thru the online city map focusing around the mrt/lrt regions at the eleventh hour.

But wat really worried made me most was my stamina. I was telling the rest that if I couldn’t catch up, they will have to piggyback me … but then my leader suggested rolling me along instead @_@

And right from a mth+ ago, I had sent out emails seeking help from internet savvy ones to be on standby. But majority was unavailable during that period, except one which could only help fm afternoon. Guides requested weren’t available too. Bad time 😦

Anyway let’s see how it goes. Please wish me luck 😛

2008 RC Rally Eve

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