BD BBQ @ Aloha Loyang Chalet

It had been quite some times since I went for a chalet with bbq (the one at ubin resort doesn’t count cos bbq food not to our choice).

I used to frequent places like east coast udmc (now goldkist), pasir ris ntuc and udmc (now aloha loyang) chalets, and of cos other non-public chalets like elias pa chalets and safra chalets.

I was in a dilemna to attend this birthday bbq @ aloha loyang in the beginning, cos there wasn’t many close colleagues going other than YT. Nevertheless, of the many colleagues invited among her 30+ friends, only 5 of us went.

Coincidentally, Cat was at another 3 chalets just opp ours.

After staying for an hour+, eaten few sticks of satay, few pcs of chicken wings, few rolls of sausages, we finally left the chalet in time to catch the shuttle bus for another hour+ of shopping at White Sands. And I spent $80 on a pair of shoes, 2x 3pcs compilation cds set, and ‘bro’thers =P.


I had been asking 2 grps of friends weeks before this chalet. And so finally I will be having chalet-cum-bbq of my own with 2 diff grps of friends using each nite of the 3D2N stay over the xmas weekends.

Time to dig out my bbq checklist =P Hippy! So happy!!!! \ (^ O ^) /

BD BBQ @ Aloha Loyang Chalet

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