RC ‘Annual’ Event – OktoberFest @ Dallas

Last yr I din went for their OktoberFest organised at Magma, but joined in this yr round after knowing so many kakis going. This yr’s OktoberFest was however late cos the next day is November liao @_@

According to those who attended last yr’s one, this yr though location was better, but it lacked of wat an OktoberFest should offer.

The restaurant consisted of 3 levels. Top level was mostly catered for functions/events with balcony looking towards the waterfront, of which our function was. 2nd level was for fine dining while the open-aired ground level till the verandah was where bar drinking was.

The traditional beverage during this German fest was none other than beer. Here we were only offered Stella Artois.

Traditional festive food like pork knuckle and sausages weren’t in sight. Wat we had instead were these, in which they looked more like wat were offered at common hotel buffet spread but with lesser varieties, or simply catering buffet …

clockwise from top:
spicy prawns with mango saisa – sweetness from mango and slight spice from the crunchy prawn combi was good
cold mussel in basil tomato sauce – nothing special actually but at least tasted good
salad station dressing (tomato, cucumber, carrots, capsicum, lettuce) – a common salad dish
smoked salmon with horseradish cream – same as the mussels, nothing special

clockwise from left:
beef steak with pepper sauce – old cow … unchewable …
fusilli tuna in spicy tomato & olive sauce – sweet, spicy and sour, quite an appetitizing dish with such mixture, which we went for 2nd BIG helping 😀
seasonal vegetable – just normal dish … nothing special
baby pork ribs with pineapple barbeque sauce – very tender, taste extremely good with the sweety pineapple bbq sauce … finger licking good =P
root beer chicken – oh! I din know this nice dish was cooked with root beer until I got the menu from my rc coll, cos no taste of root beer at all. and we almost mistaken it for bb pork ribs as they were placed side by side 😛
pan fried snapper with oliver and caper butter sauce – cun remember this taste =P … but dun think it was any bad cos other than the disappointment from the beef steak, the rest were very deliciously good.

cream of mushroom – this was very very yummy!!! it was full of mushroom taste. the whole pot was even empty completely, but luckily they had it refilled, and that was how BIG the 2nd helping came up to =P

And of cos, other than those above, they served fresh fruit platter, array of mini french pastries, assort bread rolls and butter, and pineapple & chicken salad.

their pastries were rich and soft … esp the chocolate cake with melting chocolate on top.

Beverages like soft drink, coffee and tea were free flow. But the cappuccino I ordered was badly presented. So bad so that I din bother to take any pix of it. Just one sip and I push it away. It was totally badly brewed which maybe due to the rush and mass orders from us. My grp was actually waiting for my drink to arrive before we set off hm.


I had been telling the others that this october feast (they called that this yr) was good. But after writing up this entry, I realised that it wasn’t really that fantastic about this event =P Mostly probably ‘blinded’ by the nice atmosphere with good waterfront view and the fun companions around … as always ^___*

light ups @ bridges from both ends of boat quay

light up @ Cavenagh Bridge

light up @ Elgin Bridge

RC ‘Annual’ Event – OktoberFest @ Dallas

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