Wasabi Tei Again!!!

The trio were back here for … oh I cun even remember how many times. I guess CL and NL worse still cos they were here many times more than me 😛

We were on time this time round and were already 3 grp in the queue. As the diners inside the restaurant were all couples, finding empty seats of 3 were rather difficult. We had to let the gal (alone) behind us overtake us instead since they don’t allow us to wait for extra seat inside the restaurant, which was what I hate of, and it really back me off sometimes when I thought of that.

Luckily the lady boss seemed to be in good mood, or since we were so ‘obedient’, she indirectly signal to the other 2 couples when she told us to wait for those seats.

Other than usual orders of unagi set and chawamushi, we added sashimi and chicken set.

Sashimi Set (S$25)
very freshy sweet and not too fatty … but they dun seems to serve scallops in this set anymore … the crisis had hit them too?

Grilled Chicken Set (S$8)
NL and I shared both the unagi set and chicken set.
though the chicken set served with teriyaki sauce was very tender, it was still only a dry side.
both of us still preferred the unagi set 😛

It really made me think twice of going there again under this kind of unusual situation. Only the unagi and chawamushi will make me return though 🙂

Wasabi Tei Again!!!

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