Big Karaoke Session @ Spore Indoor Stadium

I was back here after near a yr later … with 2 other friends … for a concert of another fav. artiste of my ‘era’ 😀

Of the 22 songs sang, only 4 were canto which I wished there were more 😦 But nevertheless, her soft and smooth vocal almost drove me to dreamland.

Surprisingly, she spoke in fluent mandarin most of the time, with english sometimes. The only time when she spoke in cantonese was to her hk fans, recommending them to take hainanese chicken rice.

Her performance stage was simple, but the big animated LCD screen made a great backdrop.

There was no special guest, only her bands, backing vocalists and dancers who were given great exposures. Even her hairstylist came on stage, promoting his newly opened salon at NAC as well.

The whole concert was enjoyable as if in a big karaoke session. Everyone around us were either seen moving towards the rhythm or singing along with her. Esp the time when she simply pointing the mic towards the audience (至少还有你). I could sense the touchness in her as was in me 😛

The concert should have ended at 10.15pm, but with 2 unexpected encores, it finally ended at 11pm after the song, I Swear. Some audiences were seen leaving for the exit after the 1st encore.

1st encored song (4th canto song)

With the experience of neck aching sitting at the side block, I had opted for blocks facing straight to the stage instead.

As the concert ended, we headed off to Kallang Theatre planning for a game of bowling, but the lane was only available after we had nicely settled down at Kallang McDonald, and were ‘stucked’ there for 3hrs 😛

when was the last trip here? 10yrs ago? hmm…

It had really been a long time since I stayed out so late ^____^

So now, who’s concert next? Emil Chow?


Careless me actually deleted this file away assuming it was properly transfered from the thumbdrive to the hard disk, without knowing that both files of the same naming were with different contents. This entry was retyped after few failure attempts of recovering the deleted file 😦 Luckily my memory works better than the machine :-\

Big Karaoke Session @ Spore Indoor Stadium

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