Free Treat @ Wah Lok

After viewing the hotel rooms, 4 of us were invited to dine at Wah Lok with recommended dishes from the staffs.

breaded chicken with prawn … chicken meat was tender and crispy while the prawn tasted crunchy … fresh la …

nicely brewed old cucumber soup … best when drink it hot ^__^

asparagus wrapped with maw … crunchy asparagus and nice stock … not too thick or watery …

almost similar to the breaded chicken one but this time round was breaded fish … nice too …

real big pork rib … tough to cut and with super salty char siew sauce … we even gave our feedback to them so u can imagine …

ee fu noodle which look and taste more like hokkien mee to me … another salty dish … dun quite like …

the mangoes were very sweet … I din intend to take pix of the fruits, but the rest ‘forced’ me to complete with that as well @_@

custard tart with icing on top of the crust … cripsy and sweet, but guilty filled with each mouthful 😛

Overall comment for this dinner was … not to my liking. They were far too salty so kinda spoilt appetite. Moreover all the meal sets in their menu weren’t that cheap, so I had higher expectation. I was however looking forward to another treat. Dim sum at the same place, which was highly recommended.

Atmosphere was good though and with friendly staffs. One of my hokkaido trip tour mates was said to work there as a chef, and I happened to see him, though in suit sitting near the entrance bidding goodbye to us, but he dun recognise me 😦

Free Treat @ Wah Lok

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