Ma Maison @ The Central

When she was approaching us, I dun dare to ask, cos I wasn’t sure if she was putting on weigh. It wasn’t until K mentioned that her condition doesn’t allow her to travel that I got to know that she was pregrant … for 7mths. Whao! A surprise from another almost-full-term preggie, 2nd time in a yr :-O That shows how long we din meet since last.

K, who met us for the 1st time after we came back from our hokkaido trip early this yr, was shocked to see me ‘slimmed down’ so fast and asked me how I managed to do that. Well, I supposed the winter wear really make me FAT!!! 让我开心一下下 :-\

Choice of venue was to our favour and so I chose Ma Maison @ The Central (just walk to the mall without taking any transport … save $$ yo! :P)

We were earlier than the couple and so we placed our name in the waiting list first before we were given a window-seated table 45mins later.

This branch as compared to the one at Bugis Junction was much smaller … or cramped I would say. The interior was however as cosy. The server for our table was a japanese lady (maybe the lady boss of the restaurant?) who helped us in understanding some japanese term in the menu.

Variety was limited and it really took us a great time to decide wat to eat.

Clam Chowder (S$16.50)

I love this soup bowl set. I guess anything that doesn’t taste nice in the first place would taste otherwise. But of cos this soup was deliciously creamy.

Paella (S$23.80)

This was like a seafood platter. And of cos this was shared by SK and me. Delicious aroma from the fried rice. The seafood however tasted norm.

Omurice Ketchup (S$14.80)

Omurice is a contemporary Japanese dish consisting of an omelet made with fried rice. 蛋包饭 in chinese basically. Choices of brown sauce and tomato sauce given. We were told that there were chuck of chicken meats inside the rice, but we dun seems to find them. Every mouthful was full of ketchup taste. This dish was good overall.

Beef Stroganov Omurice (S$14.80)

The beef meats were obvious in this dish 😛 Another delicious aroma omurice.

Seafood Cream Spag (S$15.90)

This was delicious too. Not too creamy and so was acceptable for both SK and me.

A hotel room key alike for settling of bill … interesting.

We went on to clarke quay for a drink … non-alcoholic one la 😛

I must really salute to the creativeness from TCC. Interesting drinks menu they have.

Azuki Freeze (S$7.20)
CY’s order – azuki is normally known as red bean, so this was simply a blended ang-dao-teng 😛
Chocolate Raspberry Frap (S$7.90)
mine – the liqueur in the drink might has enhanced the taste of the coco and the soft sourness from the raspberry syrup.

Berry Oreo (S$7.50)
SK’s order – almost similar to mine except without the liqueur involved.

Azuki Coffee Cooler (S$7.80)
K’s order – din try this but was told that it tasted almost similar to CY one but with coffee taste.

I dun like the white contour seats inside the cafe … it made us kept sliding down :-\

So I guess the next time we meet we will be able to see little CY ^___^

Ma Maison @ The Central

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