Me and My Stubbornness 之 TVB

Finally I had my hands on these!!!

The story goes … there was only 1 boy left naked on the shelf. As I requested for a couple doll, 大妹 requested it to be dressed up. The sale girl who was very friendly, took it down and had it dressed. 大妹 said she seemed to hear her talking about “消毒” the doll cos it was covered with dust due to displaying, and so she said “yes! 消毒” which shocked T. Hahahaaa …. But she literally sprayed some stuff on it and clean it. Good service ya!

sold in cny-cookie-container-like … except tat the cover was in tranparent white ^^
the couple cost me HK$98(girl) + HK$148(boy … more due to additional pants @_@)
additional HK$98(girl) + 1 other item chosen inorder for a discount of near HK$100 after accumulating up till HK$400

earlier version with antenna


newer version with better antenna

我可以说是个TVB迷,但这不代表我会收看所有TVB播出的剧集,而是选者性的收看而已。但在众多朋友当中,我所迷的不单单是剧集或艺人,就单单看我托大妹买回来的TVB Buddies就知道我有多支持TVB了(=^_____^=)嘿嘿~


am getting ppl to buy for me 😛



I just couldn’t get myself to accept watching the whole episodes of tvb dramas thru pirated or online media. Especially when my idols were starring in them.

I know how good this drama is, but pls stop tempting me to watch 《溏心风暴之家好月圆》 😦 … though I may be too outdated when the full (cheaper) dvd set is out. Cun they just sell cheaper inorder to fight out the pirated ones? :-\

But most importantly, I had my hands on this new album of 林峰, which recorded the 片尾曲 of 家好月圆 too! ***proud proud***

Me and My Stubbornness 之 TVB

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