Holiday Eve @ PS

It was my first trip to the revamped Cathay even though it had already been reopened for few years. Our main purpose was to make a trip to Astons for our dinner but there were already a long queue waiting outside when we reached. If we were to join the queue, I guess I will faint due to hunger. And so with no other choice, we headed off to PS instead.

playing off as a tourist 😛

After going thru the directory listing, we ended up at Cafe Cartel again 😛

supreme platter – doesn’t taste and look as good as those served at raffles city branch

pan fried linguine – still as good

complimentary breads – we love breads!!!!

st louis pork ribs – greedy me requested to order 2 plates.
1st plate was delicious with tendering meat, while the 2nd plate tasted of chao-dar-ness (burned) and dry.
Hmm…where’s the quality control?

Oh ya, it was my 1st time taking the table right inside the cafe where the thick sofa cushion was sooooo ‘tall’ (ok I’m short but that’s not the pt) and soft, and so near to the table (big tummy ones will have problem), many (not only our table lor) had problems moving inwards without ‘bouncing’ in with our butts. (how’s my description? got it? :P)

We could see more and more china national staffs working there. No biasing against that, but one particular guy was rather funnie. He was seen ‘hiding’ away when the other non-china-national staff was away, even though we raised our hands for long just for refill of water.

Well, sporeans are basically bilingual, we could speak in mandarin you know? Anyway, who refilled our drink? The non-china-national one.

Regardless of whether you are a non-china-national or not, even locals, if you choose to work in a customer svc line, you have to be ‘brave’ rite? And not just following behind your colleague. … ok maybe not for the case of the academy ones 😛

Right after our dinner came our unintentioned beauty products spree 😛

quite a lot of new shops around and this is one of them …

a newly sectioned area from John Little … we spent an hour here 😛

ZA having 20% off, plus additional 20% off for robinson card holder, it was really worth it man! But I bought ZA facial wash only 😛

Bought this BB cream. Was told by CL that it received good reviews and so am giving it a shot.
Our common question: wat is BB cream? Answer here 😛

And of cos we ended up at swensen for fries and ice-cream eventually : )

Just a toilet trip and we could take so many pix outside 😛

Holiday Eve @ PS

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