High Tea @ Goodwood Park

This round of high tea location was rather tough cos someone insisted on going for one which served nice scones.

After searching thru the net and deleting some off the list, we decided to go for the goodwood park one.

Just a nite before, CL msg-ed to inform us of a FJ Benjamin sale going on @ Grand Hyatt which last day will be today.

While waiting for the latecomers (CL fell twice on the bridge … ouch!), I saw more and more groups of ppl carrying bigger and bigger bags of goodies out from the sale. Gosh! So ‘tan’ meh? But we soon see it for ourselves.

1 example of the la senza pyajamas that I bought which was at a selling price of S$55, but thru this sale, it became 3 for S$33? Quite a good buy yo … cos their materials were good. I bought 6 g-strings for S$18 for 小妹.

Some nice goodie Guess bag was selling for S$15 at the end of the sale but knowing the pile of bags I have at home, I forgo the thought 😛 But we saw some malay, thai, and indonesian familys grabbing cartons and cartons of them … for wat purpose I dunno but 1 indonesian family’s mecerdez car was almost packed in and out @_@

There was a long ‘watching’ queue at the Guess watches section. Yes, the queue was for interested parties to queue and view in a orderly manners. Oh well, some selected watches were selling like S$50 that’s why.

Wat I like about this english high tea @ goodwood park wasn’t just becos of the nice atmosphere near the poolside, but wat interested me more was the flowery english tea sets they used.

To be honest, the high tea wasn’t very fantastic. They used to serve champage for each diner but not now. I dislike the seatings given to us. Crouching in an armchair wasn’t a good way to digest food. I still preferred the same furniture set they were still using now for their outside seatings at the poolside. And maybe becos we were nearer to the window, I could feel the heat outside. Even though so, the aircon wasn’t strong enough.

But nevertheless, eating and chatting like ‘no other ppl business’ was indeed a nice way to while away the afternoon.


Coincidentally I chanced upon this …

Gosh! I must catch this programme liao! But is it going to show on wed or thurs?

High Tea @ Goodwood Park

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