Feast @ Hard Rock Cafe

We were supposed to take leave on Tues for a Tai Tai day yet after confirming the plan on her wedding dinner nite, EK still flown me kite. And since my last min leave had been approved, I decided to stay and rest at hm instead. Someone out of guiltiness proposed a dinner treat at Wasabi Tei which was supposed to be tonite 😛

The dinner was still on, but becos more and more ppl were gathered for this dinner, which would be difficult for 7pax to dine at Wasabi Tei, we eventually changed our dinner venue … to Coca instead.

FY insisted everyone to meet up at his working place before we set off to Coca steamboat nearby.

Though reservation had been made, we were still stucked in deciding whether to choose Coca or HRC. Anyhow, we finally settled at HRC since 2 of them haven’t been there before … which was quite a surprise for me =P

A nice cornered table at the upper level were given to us rather fast though we were told to wait for approx. 30mins.

Clam Chowder S$7.50 … every mouth was full of ingredients

Cessar Salad S$12.50 … very common dish with bigger bread crumbs

Trio Combo S$28.50 … grilled bb pork ribs, beef and chicken. portion weren’t too big which were of ‘reasonably’ serving size for 7 of us 😛

Chicken Club Sandwiches S$14.50 … gosh! the sandwiches serving were big! chicken breast meat was used which was very dry. overall taste was bland with the only ‘tastisable’ one came from the salty bacons.

H.R.C. Nachos S$16.50 … the nachos have turned soggy. simple S$7 nachos with cheese from GV tasted better.

Jumbo Combo S$22.50 … a most popular starters which was said to be big enough to share. santa fe spring rolls tasted ok, hickory-smoked chicken wings tasted salty, onion rings tasted like calamari, potato skins were cheesy, but dunno about tupelo chicken tenders cos I din take. overall wasn’t a bad choice though I kept mixing up with blue cheese sauce and tar tar sauce 😛

Fish N Chips S$22.50 … the floury fried fish smell abit but can be covered by choice of blue cheese (which is not blue) or tar tar sauce. but I think we like the chips more.

Onion Rings S$9.50 … huge one but still better than the super huge one from Outback. nothing special to this dish actually.

Apple Cobler S$14.50 … this hot and cold combinations taste rather uninteresting

Mud Pie S$12.50 … this was a better choice. coffee and coco combinations …

One of our desserts was FOC with payment made via OCBC cc, but only for spending over S$60 in a single receipt … ours was definately more than S$60 lor =P

I never remembered HRC’s food was … … probably becos we were spoilt for choices nowsaday.

And hor … how am I going to slim down like dat? =P

Feast @ Hard Rock Cafe

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