RC Movie Nite – Mamma Mia!

Members were ‘heavily’ subsided, paying only a dollar for the movie, so why not ^___*

Luckily Mamma Mia won the votings to Disaster Movie cos it was a wonderful musical movie not to be missed.

It was incredible to know how ABBA famous numbers could formed into such a storyline. I heard the stage musical of the same name was even better. But I guess they cannot be compared cos both used different performance stage, a set-up stage and an outdoor location. Anyway, if given a chance, I would love to watch the musical play too ^^

A long lost jump I guess ^___* … something which I lost too since I was a little girl ^^

Many years down the road, will me and my friends still be as crazy as how we were now?

I was rather surprised to see Pierce Brosnan sing … hehehe …

The scenery of the idyllic Greek islands, Skopelos and Skiathos were great! Love it! But I cun imagine myself going there though cos they were too far a place for me.

The part where Donna (Streep) was trying to shoo Sam (Brosnan) away, with the song “The Winner Takes It All”,
at the hill that led to the hilltop church was rather … bo liao =P … took so long when she could just walk away.

We stayed rite till the closing scene where Donna and her 2 siao-friends performed the “Dancing Queen” number. More ‘encores’ earned when the entire cast sang “Waterloo” while Donna’s daughter, Sophie closed the scene with “Thank You for the Music”.

Tapping along with the songs all the while, I could easily feel the emo of the uncle and auntie couple (seated way behind us) as they watched thru the movie, all so familiar. Sweet ^^


Having ‘rushed thru’ our lunch at Kopitiam foodcourt …

packed in my fav GV nacho set into the cinema …

we pampered ourselves with Haagen-Dazs ice creams before we left for home =P

Honestly to say, only the ice cream itself was delicious.

RC Movie Nite – Mamma Mia!

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